About Me

I’m Deda Edney, the 1950’s daughter of an artist and an actress. I’ve been a university humanities major, etching printer, puppet maker, designer of cards and little books for my Etsy shop, journal writer, librarian, bookstore clerk, and Sam’s partner in his campaigns for the NC House.

I celebrate friendship, nature, and creativity because they nurture a positive spirit, something we all need for health and healing in these incredibly stressful times.

When you sign up for my blog, each post brings you something beautiful, surprising, thought provoking, inspiring, or just lighthearted. I write about books, gardens, making things, what’s in the news or on my mind, political commentary, and what matters to us as women and as American citizens.

I plan to write 3 morning posts a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I look forward to your Comments.

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Yours with spirit,


Artwork by Deda Edney